Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations


1.All the facilities in the library are set to serve the staff, teachers and students of RUC, RUC International College  RUC Sino-French Institute and Silk Road School.

2.Readers are requested to present their valid campus cards when entering the library.

3.The library provides open-stack reading services for library collections, including books, periodicals and newspapers. Please put them back to the shelf after reading.

4.The rules and procedures of borrowing books, journals, CDs, dissertations are written in Borrowing Regulations.

5.To make photocopies of Chinese and foreign languages books, periodicals and newspapers, please ask the staff for the method of using the self-assisted photocopy equipments. Photocopies of dissertations are not allowed.

6.Readers are quested to keep quiet and keep the reading rooms clean and tidy. Food or drinks are not allowed to be taken into the library. Other prohibitions are dining, snacking, spitting, littering, yelling, reading aloud, occupying seats and using wiring boards. Mobile phones and other electronic devices are required to be mute.

7.Public properties such as books, periodicals, facilities in the library should be taken good care of. Drawing on, writing on, tearing or stealing books and periodicals, destroying facilities are strictly prohibited. Any damage on books, journals or facilities will cause a fine of a full price.

8.Readers are requested to strengthen the awareness of fire prevention. Smoking is prohibited in the library. Inflammable or explosive goods are strictly prohibited to be taken in.

9.All the regulations and rules should be respectfully followed. Please be cooperative with our staff.

10.An earlier contact with the library office is needed before any visit.