Loan Services

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Loan Services

1.Books Borrowing and Returning

(1)All Chinese and foreign language books can be borrowed except reference books such as dictionaries, yearbooks, and encyclopedias.

(2)Borrowing procedure: Books can be borrowed and returned either via the self-assisted book borrowing and returning machine or at the reception desk.

(3)Loan limit: Overseas students may have on loan not more than 10 items.

(4)Loan period: Loan period for overseas students is 4 weeks (28 days). Loan period of reserved books with more than 3 holds would be shortened to 2 weeks.  

2.Renewals and Reservations

(1)Renewals: All borrowed books with no holds can be renewed once. Renewals could be preceded online or through the public query computers in the library. Loan period of renewed books is 4 weeks from the date of renewal. Renewal will not be accepted when the cumulative fine is over 5.00 yuan.

(2)Reservations: Online reservation permits holding no more than 2 books which are checked-out. Uncirculated books cannot be reserved. An accrued fine over 5.00 yuan will block the privilege of reservation. All reserved books will be held for 4 days (from the date of return, including weekends). Reservation will be cancelled after the expiration.

3.Overdue and Violation

(1)Overdue fine: A fine of 0.10 yuan per day will be charged for each overdue book. Privileges including borrowing, renewals and reservation will be blocked when the cumulative fine is over 5.00 yuan. Privileges will resume automatically when the accrued fine has been paid.

(2)Damage: All books should be nicely taken care of. Painting, damages and tearing will cause fines according to library regulations. Any defect or damage to a book should be reported to the staff immediately before check-out, and the book will get a defect stamp by the staff. Otherwise, the reader will be held responsible for damage to any book whilst in his or her charge.

(3)Losses: A reader who lost a book can either purchase the same book or pay the fine according to the library regulations.

(4)StealingA fine of 200 yuan (RMB) per book will be imposed on stealing. Whats more, the action will be reported to college heads and student association.

4. Books Reading Regulations

(1) The library provides open-stack reading services for library collections. To read open-stack books, readers are only allowed to take 3 books at a time. Please put them back to the shelves or the trolleys beside the shelves after reading.

(2) Please add a lid to your cup so as not to stain the books.

(3) Do not occupy seats with books, bags or anything else. The library bears no responsibility for any losses.

(4) Please keep quiet in the reading rooms. Mobile phones should be powered off or switched to the silent mode. In order to avoid any disturbance to other readers, do not speak or read loudly, answer the phone or make phone calls, or chase each other.

(5) Food or drinks are not allowed to be taken into the library. Please keep the reading rooms tidy. Smoking, spitting or littering are strictly prohibited.

5. Journals and Newspapers Borrowing Regulations

(1) Readers of Suzhou Campus can enter the reading room by presenting their campus cards. Outside readers need to present Suzhou Citizen Cards those have been registered in the library system.

(2) The open-stack journals and newspapers can only be read in the library. Readers are only allowed to take 3 items at a time. Please put them back to the shelves after reading.

(3) With the consent of the staff, all the journals and newspapers can be photocopied, but only on the self-photocopy equipment inside the reading room. Readers who take journals or newspapers out of the library without permission will be punished according to the related regulations.

(4) All journals should be nicely taken care of. Any defect or damage to journals and newspapers should be reported to the staff immediately, and the journal or newspaper will get a defect stamp by the staff. Otherwise, the reader will be held responsible for the damage.

(5) Carrying journals or newspapers out without permission will be regarded as theft. It will not only charge a fine, but also be reported to Students Affairs Office and related institutions.

(6) The library staff has the right to point out, criticize and handle any violation of the above regulations.