Self-circulation Services

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Self-circulation Services

1.Initial password of a readers campus card is his/her 8-digit birthday date. (Example: 19901228)

·If you have changed your password, please use your modified password.

·If you forget your password, please ask for help at the reception desk.

·Only digital numbers can be recognized by the self-circulation machine. Please use digital numbers for your password.

2.A maximum of 5 books is recommended for every checking out. For more borrowing, please repeat the step.

2.Please make sure that the number of confirmed items is the same as that you borrow.

3.Please read the instructions of the self-circulation machine carefully before your first use.

4.Please ask for help at the reception desk when you meet with difficulties in using the system.

5.Please return to the reception desk for help if the exit alarm rings when you have borrowed all items.