Campus Card Services

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Campus Card Services

Suzhou Campus takes Suzhou Citizen Card B as its campus card. The campus card supports access to the library, books borrowing, printing in the library, payments in the canteen, public transportation, etc. The card account, which does not require registration, can be used as soon as it is recharged. The card account can be recharged in Family-Mart, or on the self-recharging machines in subway stations, Wenxing Canteen and Wenhui Canteen. A reader who lost his or her campus card should go to the library to apply for a new card. The balance of the lost card cannot be saved or transferred to the new card. Please take good care of your campus card. 

1.Campus Card Application and Reader Registration

(1)Students who are formally enrolled do not need to apply for campus cards themselves. The library will give them campus cards with borrowing privileges when they arrive at Suzhou Campus.

(2)Contact info: Mr. Zhu (campus card administrator), 13052887239.

(3)Suzhou Campus Library reserves the right of interpreting card management regulations. 

2.Management and Use of Campus Cards


(1)The campus card is important for readers in library utilization including entrance, borrowing books and studying.

(2)Readers are required to take campus cards with them. When they enter the reading rooms, the campus card will be verified by the card verification devices located at the entrance.

(3)The campus card can only be used by its owner. Readers who are found using otherscampus cards will be punished according to Regulations of Campus Card Holders. The cards they are using will be blocked for 4 weeks.

Entering with an expired card is not allowed. The expired card once found will be confiscated immediately.

Loss and Reissue of Cards

A reader whose campus card is lost or broken should apply for a new card in the “Campus Card” section of WeChat. Readers should be responsible for all books they borrowed before the application.

(1) Card Reissue Procedure:

Enter “服务大厅Service Hall” on the homepage of WeChat “Campus Card” section ---- Click on “缴费Pay” ---- Read the “缴费须知Payment Notice” ---- Click on “补卡费20Card Reissue Fee 20 Yuan” ---- Click on “确认付款Confirm Payment” ---- Enter the payment password (Initial Password: 123456) ---- Finish the payment.

(2) Card Reissue Notices:

Online application: Enter “Service Hall” in the “Campus Card” section of WeChat, and complete the online application and payment.

Time for card pickup: After 4:00 pm. of the next Monday (i.e., apply for the card today and pick it up next Monday).

Place for card pickup: Reception desk, 1st Floor of Suzhou Campus Library

Certificate for card pickup: Student ID card or Passport

Note: This card reissue instructions may be adjusted according to the practical situation. Please read the instructions carefully before submitting the application. After picking up a new card, please take it to Room B348, Kaitai Building and get it registered for the access control system of Xiuyuan Building.

Leaving School

(1)Before leaving the campus (including the cases of graduation, job changing, suspension of schooling, dropping out, going abroad, completion of further study and so on), readers should return all the books and cancel the cards and their privileges.

(2)If the readers do not return books according to regulations before leaving, the authorities in charge or the warrantor will bear responsibility of recovering the books or compensating.